Circular economy

Circular economy is a tool for a sustainable development strategy based on creating a balance between nature and human society. Our strategy here, at NARA-SK is to create balanced and healthy relationships in production and trade. Each tool and method of the circular economy that we apply is related to motivation of reducing enviromental burden. By successive steps we take care of perfect production flows closure that lowers the waste or makes it become a raw material in following production and trade chain. The aim is to make sure, that no waste ends up in landfills or incinerators and do not contaminates the air, water, soil... 

It has to be a longterm, irreversible and conclusive process, which needs to be set up properly, both technologically and economically. That is why we make sure there is no "back passing" in the supply chain. By that we mean any investments, which are profits oriented only with short-term or even negative enviromental impact. We distance ourselves from levying taxes and charges that do not serve supporting lowering enviromental burden projects but encouraging new forms of eco-bureaucracy..

Throughout positive examples, we convince our members and partners, that environmentally positive behaviour prosperity brings not only the environmental quality but long-term economic profit and employment indeed. We replace technical development causes, which is unemployment in society by new job opportunities. We strictly take care, that the new jobs are fairly rewarded, so they do not disappear before they enter the market.

We believe that just as the law of conservation of energy applies to nature, the law of conservation of labour and human creativity must apply to our civilisation and the free market. Fortunately, unlike man, nature cannot be fooled. We are open to anyone who understands an honours at least one of these three principles: 


                                                             Environmental - Economical- Social


National energetic cluster NEK 2019

Awarded at the ENERGOFUTURA 2019 conference for outstanding innovative project solutions and special lasting contribution in the field of energy and environmental education and consultancy

Zelený Merkúr 2018

Project CE HOUSE - House made out of recycled waste on principles of circular economy

National business award for the enviroment in Slovakia 2017

Projekt CE HOUSE - House made out of recycled waste on principles of circular economy

Zlatý Mravec 2015

Project Innovative solutions for climate change based on the circular economy principles