Environmental assessment of the impact of the construction on the landscape and inhabitant

We provide an environmental study, which is a professional assessment of the impact of a proposed construction or landscaping project on the surrounding environment, while determining the impacts of the surrounding neighborhood on the actual project site.

The goal is to demonstrate measurable outcomes of the projected behavior of the project in the landscape that will provide a multi-criteria evaluation of the project for the final approval process.

Addressing the 6 factors of urban challenges







Who is the assessment for?


Full control over climate adaptation

The assessment gives municipalities and government the opportunity to align urban development with climate adaptation goals, verify the achievement of these goals, and effectively reduce risks and costs related to climate, e.g. heat gains from urban heat islands and the elimination of flash floods.


The greatest added value

The assessment allows developers to compare climate performance with different design options, assess the quality of implementation, and ensure the best return on investment today and in the future.


An essential tool in planning

The assessment allows designers to significantly reduce the resources invested in verification concepts and optimise the climate assessment of project designs.

The assessment offers designers an increase in the time efficiency of their work and an increase in the level and the value of projects. The study provides easily interpretable results that even a layperson can easily assess.

What does the assessment brings?

100% improvement of thermal performance

Ambient temperature reduction up to 4°C

Up to 90% reduction of heat islands

Noise reduction up to 10 dB

Quality of life improvement

Optimum return on investment, flexible pricing

Decisions are based on the ratio of performance to cost-effectiveness

Up to 90% time and cost savings