The 3rd international meeting of tExtended project in Valencia, Spain...

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for a

circular economy

Our main activities

Green infrastructure features

Do not hesitate to contact our member for consulting- we offer consultancy on a green infrastructure drafts...

Enviromental assesment, LCA analysis, EPD, LCC

We analyse enviromental impact of buildings on the inhabitants and make life-cycle assesments and life-cycle costs of services or products...

National and international projects

We are actively involved in national and international projects aimed at the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy...

Networking- quintuple helix

We create partnerships in the field of research and  innovations for stakeholders representing key local actors from governmental, research and scientific institutions, companies and citizens including the issue of enviromental protection...


We offer enviromental education, training and enlightment..

Our vision...

Circular economy is a tool for a sustainable development strategy based on creating a balance between nature and human society.    Our strategy here, at NARA-SK is to create balanced and healthy relationships in production and trade.                                                          Each tool and method of the circular economy that we apply is related to motivation of reducing enviromental burden. By successive steps we take care of perfect closing of production flows that lower the waste or make it become a raw material in following production and trade chain. The aim is to make sure, that no waste ends up in landfills or incinerators and do not contaminates the air, water, soil...



We closely co-work with organizations within and outside the EU...



Completed projects on national and international level based on economical-social-environmental principles...



Co-operating organizations as part of the innovative Quintuple Helix model...



Awards of activities contributing to the protection and creation of environment...


Slovensko bude podporovať zelené inovácie a spoluprácu slovenských i zahraničných vysokých škôl, vedeckých pracovísk, súkromného a tretieho sektora a miest a obcí. Podpora pre spoluprácu medzi ministerstvami ako aj tretím sektorom bude široká. Dôraz sa bude klásť na predchádzanie vzniku odpadov, vytvorenie podmienok prioritného využívania rezíduí a...

The third plenary meeting of the tExtended consortium took place from 14.11.-15.11.2023. We met in sunny Valencia, where we were welcomed at their premises by AIMPLAS, a non-profit research association in the plastics industry that offers comprehensive solutions including R&D projects, training, competitive and strategic intelligence, and...


National recycling agency of Slovakia
The office: A.Hlinku 2568/33, 960 01 Zvolen                                Contact address: Lieskovská cesta 24, 960 01 Zvolen

Contact person: Ing. Ján Plesník

Phone number: +421 905 361 767

Email address:

IČO: 42396336

DIČ: 2120446625

IČ DPH: VAT exempt

Registration: reg. no. VVS/1-900/90-46230-1st day of 26.05.2015, Ministry of Interior of the Slovak republic

The legal form: 701 Association (union, association, society, club etc.)

Date of origin: 26. 05. 2015